What is a hologram?


Here we will gather quotes from women holographers to gave a basic definition of a hologram.

There are are interesting 3D and projection technologies such as Pepper’s Ghosts (Tupac), Holofans, Looking Glass, and many more. But they are not holograms in the sense that this group of practitioners is gathered around.

“Hologram: A three dimensional image which is optically and permanently recorded, in a light sensitive recording material such as film, using  laser light (coherent light). The hologram image is recreated, or played back, via illumination by laser light or a point source of white light at a predetermined angle of illumination.”
M. Melissa Crenshaw

“Holograms are capable of recording realistic 3D images.  Holograms are also Lightscapes that render visual phenomena only possible within the holographic format.”
M. Melissa Crenshaw


Women writing about working in light.

“The holographic image is for me a sculptural entity, a volume of light that occupies space. It is fragile, fleeting, transparent, and weightless; it embodies both the physical reality of the original object and its altered, transcendent state. The hologram is, in effect, simultaneously the real and the abstract, both the body and the soul.”
Mary Harman

“Photons, the actual particles of light, travel at the speed of light and are always in the present. Like infinity, the perpetual now evades our understanding of time and space and the full, interconnected complexity of nature. Both particle and wave, light defines and illuminates our world, powering the transformative processes of life.”
Sally Weber